KBK pillar-mounted slewing jibs

Ideal workplace units

KBK wall-mounted slewing jibs

Light jibs – convenient operation

I-beam wall-mounted slewing jibs

High load capacities – low headroom dimension

KBK pillar-mounted slewing jibs

Low deadweight, easy to position

Switch to improved productivity and ergonomics

Manually handling and combining or moving relatively light loads is often not only time-consuming, but also an ergonomic burden for employees. Together with a wide selection of hoist units, our slewing jibs and cranes installed direct at the workplace enable all types of workpieces to be lifted and transported quickly and easily and deposited gently and precisely. In this way, setting up and idle times can be significantly reduced and periods of waiting for workshop cranes to become available can be completely eliminated. Further strengths of our pillar and wall-mounted slewing jibs include:

  • light and fast load handling
  • ease of operation and high operating safety and reliability
  • load capacities up to 10,000 kg.
  • simple installation using fittings included in the system.


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Pillar-mounted slewing jibs

Pillar-mounted slewing cranes

Wall-mounted slewing jibs



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